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Panorama 360 is a service from widhiBEK.com to help promote your business through the use of panoramic 360 media that can be accessed via smartphone or computer both online and offline.

Panorama 360 will bring visitors to interact with your business long before they set foot in your place.

BENEFITS of Panorama 360

First Impression

From our experience using online bookings, we will be more interested in booking rooms in hotels that feature room details than those that only display static photos. With 360 panoramas we can see the room as we are there, so we can imagine the atmosphere in the hotel.

Panorama 360 will help generate 46% of orders compared to ordinary photos

(source: DoubleClick)

Feel the Experience With panoramic 360

Customers will feel brought into your place. They will be able to know the facilities that Your place offers virtually. Seeing the room rotates as if it were there. And that’s fun.

Properties equipped with panoramic 360 facilities get 10 x more interaction than those without using panoramic 360

(source: Property Week)

More interesting than photos

Photos = static, and 360 panoramas = dynamic .

8 / 10 the end will see properties that have panorama 360 facilities first. In addition they spend 300% longer

(source: Realtor)

Low Costs Promotion

Panorama 360 is like promoting your business 24 hours without holidays, but at a more affordable cost.

Integrated with Other Promotional Media

We are ready to help promote your business as much as possible. Panorama 360 can be integrated into android applications, websites, or other media partners

You can find more about panorama 360 services in our portfolio : 360 services

For those who are interested in making promote your location or business can contact me@widhibek.com or +62 822 3102 2970

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