Memotret Milky Way

Want to know how to photograph milky way ? This book will guide you how to choose your gear, how to find milky way and how to capture it.

Publish by: Elex Media

Merbabu : Pendakian Bertabur Bintang

Journal to Mount Merbabu with mission to capture the beauty of the night landscape in mountain.

Semeru : Kutemukan Jejak MU di Mahameru

Journal to the top of the highest mountain in Java, Semeru. Full with the beautiful photos of the scenery around the trek.

Mewarnari Indonesia

Stories of people guarding nature
and building prosperity.

Collaborate with GEF SGP Indonesia

Honey Hunter

Stories about forest honey and honey hunters around Indonesia.

Belitung: Negeri Serumpun Sebalai

The travel journal enjoys the natural beauty of Belitung Island with granite rocks and white sand beaches

Bromo: Epic Volcano Riding

Documentation on the Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara (SJN ) biking trip along the stretch of the Bromo mountain range

Flores : ITB 82

Photobook documentation
group of ITB 82 holiday at Flores

Explore Kota Gede

Documentation along the hallway of Kota Gede which is full of history.

Kampung Batik Laweyan

Photo book enjoying the history of the village of batik laweyan in solo

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara XI: Rinjani

Photo book documentation of biking Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara to Mount Rinjani.

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara XI: Tambora

Photo book documentation of biking Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara along the slopes of Mount Tambora to the Caldera

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara : Moyo

Photo book documentatio of Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara on the island of Moyo

Adventure Ride : Kawah Putih

Photo book documentation cycling around Kawah Putih.

Audax East Java 2014

Photo book documentation cycling Audax East Java 2014

Bromo 5CM

Photo book documentation cycling around Bromo Tengger on a 5 cm bicycle track

Belepotan Goes To Bumiayu

Cycling documentation of Beelepotan group along the Bumiayu track


Our Client

We work with several groups that need our help.
Our goal is to provide the best for our clients’ needs.


Our Services

We try to provide the best service in accordance with the wishes of our clients. All our tasks are done wholeheartedly.

The types of services we provide vary from shooting at home and abroad, making books, writing articles, diving certification and underwater documentation to website creation and online marketing



An experience of around 10 years taking pictures seems like a shame if it’s only used and stored for myself.

I used to experience how wrong and failed in photographing or traveling. And I got a lot of help and guidance from friends and seniors.

So I want to be able to repay their kindness by sharing my knowledge and experience so far

Several times held and invited to workshops and sharing experiences both about photography and travel.

The topics we can share include:

  • Basic foundations of photography,
  • Landscape photography,
  • Outdoor photography,
  • Traveling photography,
  • Underwater photography, and
  • Milky way photography.

For those who are interested in workshop or sharing experiences for your community or group, feel free to contact [email protected] or +62 822 3102 2970.


Book Publishing

Sometimes notes, writings and photos could become interesting travel documentation to share with friends and colleagues.

Usually that documentation is shared through social media, but often not long after it is lost because of the large and fast flow of information on social media.

The book, even though it used to be estimated crushed by digital books, but in fact is still one of the reading media that is still needed.

There are still many readers who prefer to open page after page while enjoying the beauty of the photo in front of them. Writing is also more readable as your hands touch one by one the words are summarized into sentences.

We also provide book making services, both for regional tourism promotion materials and for personal travel documentation.

Books are usually printed in A5 or A4 format, with soft or hard cover, depending on the needs and funds available.

You will collect book with color photos of your vacation activities with colleagues and family decorate page after page.

You can find more about book publishing in our portfolio : book publishing

For those who are interested in making travel documentation books or books for reporting activities can contact [email protected] or +62 822 3102 2970



Indonesia is a maritime country, almost 70% of Indonesia’s area is waters. So if we feel we have traveled to 34 Indonesian provinces, have we ever explored the underwater?

Indonesia is one of the coral triangle areas, even most of them are in the Indonesian region. Stretching from the tip of East Kalimantan, to Bali to Papua and Ambon.

Even some of the foreign divers that I have met admit that Indonesia is one of the favorite diving destinations in the world. Some people outside Indonesia already tasted the beauty of Indonesia underwater, so why we ourselves never been dive in our own yard?

Diving is one of the dangerous activities, if we don’t have the basic knowledge and abilities. To start diving we must study first. The first stage is open water.

In open water we will learn the basics of diving so that we will feel comfortable and safe when doing dives. There will be 3 stages of learning: theory, confine water practice and open water practice. So don’t be afraid, after you pass open water you will be able to dive safely and pleasantly.

You can find more about learning and certified diving in our portfolio : diving

For those who are interested in learning diving, from open water until dive master, feel free to contact [email protected] or +62 822 3102 2970.


360 Services

Panorama 360 is a service from to help promote your business through the use of panoramic 360 media that can be accessed via smartphone or computer both online and offline.

Panorama 360 will bring visitors to interact with your business long before they set foot in your place.

BENEFITS of Panorama 360

First Impression

From our experience using online bookings, we will be more interested in booking rooms in hotels that feature room details than those that only display static photos. With 360 panoramas we can see the room as we are there, so we can imagine the atmosphere in the hotel.

Panorama 360 will help generate 46% of orders compared to ordinary photos

(source: DoubleClick)

Feel the Experience With panoramic 360

Customers will feel brought into your place. They will be able to know the facilities that Your place offers virtually. Seeing the room rotates as if it were there. And that’s fun.

Properties equipped with panoramic 360 facilities get 10 x more interaction than those without using panoramic 360

(source: Property Week)

More interesting than photos

Photos = static, and 360 panoramas = dynamic .

8 / 10 the end will see properties that have panorama 360 facilities first. In addition they spend 300% longer

(source: Realtor)

Low Costs Promotion

Panorama 360 is like promoting your business 24 hours without holidays, but at a more affordable cost.

Integrated with Other Promotional Media

We are ready to help promote your business as much as possible. Panorama 360 can be integrated into android applications, websites, or other media partners

You can find more about panorama 360 services in our portfolio : 360 services

For those who are interested in making promote your location or business can contact [email protected] or +62 822 3102 2970


Photography Services

What do you need photo services for? Documentation of group travel? photos of cycling down the mountain path? A photo of the scenery from the air? Underwater photo documentation? or just a product photo?

Take it easy, we provide most types of shooting anyway. Both shooting abroad and just inside the country.

The types of photos that we serve include:

  • Shooting natural scenery
  • Travel shooting
  • Group shooting
  • Documentation shooting
  • Shooting activities
  • Product shooting
  • Interior shooting
  • Portrait shooting
  • Aerial photography
  • Underwater shooting