Book Publishing

Sometimes notes, writings and photos could become interesting travel documentation to share with friends and colleagues.

Usually that documentation is shared through social media, but often not long after it is lost because of the large and fast flow of information on social media.

The book, even though it used to be estimated crushed by digital books, but in fact is still one of the reading media that is still needed.

There are still many readers who prefer to open page after page while enjoying the beauty of the photo in front of them. Writing is also more readable as your hands touch one by one the words are summarized into sentences.

We also provide book making services, both for regional tourism promotion materials and for personal travel documentation.

Books are usually printed in A5 or A4 format, with soft or hard cover, depending on the needs and funds available.

You will collect book with color photos of your vacation activities with colleagues and family decorate page after page.

You can find more about book publishing in our portfolio : book publishing

For those who are interested in making travel documentation books or books for reporting activities can contact or +62 822 3102 2970

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