Memotret Milky Way

Want to know how to photograph milky way ? This book will guide you how to choose your gear, how to find milky way and how to capture it.

Publish by: Elex Media

Merbabu : Pendakian Bertabur Bintang

Journal to Mount Merbabu with mission to capture the beauty of the night landscape in mountain.

Semeru : Kutemukan Jejak MU di Mahameru

Journal to the top of the highest mountain in Java, Semeru. Full with the beautiful photos of the scenery around the trek.

Mewarnari Indonesia

Stories of people guarding nature
and building prosperity.

Collaborate with GEF SGP Indonesia

Honey Hunter

Stories about forest honey and honey hunters around Indonesia.

Belitung: Negeri Serumpun Sebalai

The travel journal enjoys the natural beauty of Belitung Island with granite rocks and white sand beaches

Bromo: Epic Volcano Riding

Documentation on the Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara (SJN ) biking trip along the stretch of the Bromo mountain range

Flores : ITB 82

Photobook documentation
group of ITB 82 holiday at Flores

Explore Kota Gede

Documentation along the hallway of Kota Gede which is full of history.

Kampung Batik Laweyan

Photo book enjoying the history of the village of batik laweyan in solo

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara XI: Rinjani

Photo book documentation of biking Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara to Mount Rinjani.

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara XI: Tambora

Photo book documentation of biking Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara along the slopes of Mount Tambora to the Caldera

Jelajah Sepeda Nusantara : Moyo

Photo book documentatio of Sepeda Jelajah Nusantara on the island of Moyo

Adventure Ride : Kawah Putih

Photo book documentation cycling around Kawah Putih.

Audax East Java 2014

Photo book documentation cycling Audax East Java 2014

Bromo 5CM

Photo book documentation cycling around Bromo Tengger on a 5 cm bicycle track

Belepotan Goes To Bumiayu

Cycling documentation of Beelepotan group along the Bumiayu track

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