How to Get a Career in Underwater Photography?

Underwater photography is a fun and challenging career for those who love to be around water. However, it is also a highly competitive field, with relatively low job growth estimates. In order to be successful, you must balance your love for photography with your love for the water. The best way to get started is to participate in as many underwater photography competitions as possible.

What do you need to do to get a job as a full-time underwater photographer?

First, you need to have a strong desire to work in this field. Next, you need to develop the skills that will enable you to do the job well. Finally, you need to apply for jobs and get hired, or you can work for your self as freelance underwater photographer.

What is Underwater Photography?

Underwater photography is one of the most popular and exciting genres of photography. It is a fun activity for both amateurs and professionals. It takes a lot of patience and practice to master the art of underwater photography because of the conditions that the camera and photographer has to work under

Requirements To Become Underwater Photographer

Underwater photography is a fascinating hobby. But before you can even think about buying the gear and setting out on a tropical vacation, you need to learn the basics.

There are many requirements to become underwater photographer. These requirements are involved in choosing a camera, scuba diving lessons, and training.

First and foremost, an underwater photographer must learn how to dive safely. The next most important requirement is to have a diving certification. At least minimum Advance Open Water. Buoyancy is the most important skill to master if you want to take underwater photos. You need at least dozen or even hundreds of hours of diving to get used to being in the water. And it takes dozen of hours to get used to shoot underwater pictures.

You need to master is the camera itself. You should learn how it works so you will be able to take pictures underwater and to adjust for the various conditions of the water. Underwater photography also requires a lot of patience. You have to be patient when you are waiting for the right conditions, as well as when you are learning about the camera and other things involved in the process. You also need to be calm when you are taking pictures.

Types of Underwater Camera and Equipment Used

Every type of photography has its own set of tools, but underwater photography may perhaps be the most demanding. Not only must you be prepared to handle all kinds of unpredictable sea conditions, but your photographic equipment is also subject to the same challenges.

The different types of underwater camera available include compact, DSLR, action, and underwater housing.

An underwater photography kit should contain:

  • Camera body (DSLR, Mirrorless, or pocket camera)
  • Macro and wide angle lens
  • Flat and dome port
  • Port extension, zoom gear, and diopter for your wide angle lens
  • Port and housing caps
  • You need to have your own scuba gear set too.

Underwater Photographer Education & Training Requirements

So, if you’re ready to start underwater photography, the first step is getting scuba diving certified. Most likely, your local dive center can help you with this.

Underwater photographers should also consider mastering photography, either on their own or in formal education. Luckily right now many digital underwater photographer course that you can take to increase your knowledge about digital underwater photography.

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What sort of salary can I expect?

Being an underwater photographer is a dream job for many people, but the reality is that it’s a career that is not that stable. While some people can earn a living just from taking pictures underwater, most have to work day jobs as well. Fortunately, the pay is mostly based on your commercial success and skills, so if you’re brilliant with a camera and can find work, you stand to make a lot of money.

Can you be a photographer without a degree?

For me personally, a balance between art and science is what makes photography so exciting. The way in which I perceive the objects in the world and the way in which I can craft my vision and ideas into a photograph is what drives me to keep going. However, I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is by doing, not by spending years in a classroom. Moreover, the current situation, you can learn through online courses in accordance with the field you want to study

Study Marine Life

There is nothing wrong with you starting to learn about marine life, because by knowing the patterns and behavior of marine life we can better understand and make it easier to document their activities. You can learn about coral reef and their habitat around them from many books or documentary film. You don’t need to become marine biologist, but sure it will help your carrier as underwater photographer.

Initially, be happy with a low income

When you’re starting out as an underwater photographer, the first thing you want is exposure. You usually work for free or for a small fee early in your career. Use every opportunity to gain as much experience and exposure as possible.

Sign up for internships, assistant jobs or freelance. Post underwater photo via social media to increase exposure. The website is also very helpful to increase your credibility as an underwater photographer.

Once you start building a reputation by word of mouth and your accomplishments begin to show. You will reach a level where you will begin to receive compensation for your hard work. Be patient and committed enough to reach this level. A career as an underwater photographer is quite long, but if it’s your dream job, go for it

Be professional

There is more than one way to become an digital underwater photographer. You need to decide what kind of photo you want.

You can work for media publications, scientific documentation, promotion of an area, diving trip documentation, underwater model photographers or commercial underwater photographers.

After that, you can determine which qualifications and investments will benefit you the most.

Challenges that underwater photographer face

There are many challenges that underwater photographers face in the field.
Because working in the wild have several challenges that must be faced. Starting from nature with their respective weather, underwater camera equipment that is not simple, lost cameras under the sea, the camera case has leaks, less light under the sea, strong currents, and marine life that we wanted to photograph were not found. Often the shoot is not once, but you have to dive many times to get the right result. So it takes a love for the underwater world and photography to be able to enjoy the work of this professional underwater photographer.

Alternative career paths

You should also consider studying underwater video. Due to future developments, many clients need underwater documentation in the form of photos and videos. So if client need underwater videographer you will ready.

After reading this article, are you still interested in becoming an underwater photographer?

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