Indonesia is a maritime country, almost 70% of Indonesia’s area is waters. So if we feel we have traveled to 34 Indonesian provinces, have we ever explored the underwater?

Indonesia is one of the coral triangle areas, even most of them are in the Indonesian region. Stretching from the tip of East Kalimantan, to Bali to Papua and Ambon.

Even some of the foreign divers that I have met admit that Indonesia is one of the favorite diving destinations in the world. Some people outside Indonesia already tasted the beauty of Indonesia underwater, so why we ourselves never been dive in our own yard?

Diving is one of the dangerous activities, if we don’t have the basic knowledge and abilities. To start diving we must study first. The first stage is open water.

In open water we will learn the basics of diving so that we will feel comfortable and safe when doing dives. There will be 3 stages of learning: theory, confine water practice and open water practice. So don’t be afraid, after you pass open water you will be able to dive safely and pleasantly.

You can find more about learning and certified diving in our portfolio : diving

For those who are interested in learning diving, from open water until dive master, feel free to contact me@widhibek.com or +62 822 3102 2970.

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