Komodo, Where I find Peace Under the Sea

Time really does seem to fly as I have been 4 months in Komodo. A place famous for komodo dragons, and the beauty of the underwater world. Although not every day diving, but 135 dives recorded in my dive log.
The Komodo that I used to see often from my Instagram friends, at that time, almost every day I enjoyed.

Enjoy a different sunrise, sometimes from the deck of the ship Lalunia, sometimes from a hill in Padar.

meet new friend everyweek

Spend the day with different activities, sometimes explore the beauty of the Komodo underwater world, sometimes chatting with new friends talking about how beautiful diving this morning. Sometimes trekking try to find a lot of dragons that disappear when the mating season arrives.

enjoy the colorful life underwater

Evenings are sometimes spent sharing stories with the Lalunia’s crew that feels like a brothers, sometimes just sleeping listening to music on the upper deck while enjoying the glowing stars.

And when it’s time to leave the Komodo dragon, there is a sense of sadness to have to skip activities that have become like part of my life. But I am sure one day I will definitely return to Komodo dragons.

majestic manta ray

I came to look for peace in the Komodo dragon, when my heart broken. And find peace in every breath of air when diving under the Komodo Sea.

See you next year, Komodo

and this is my 10 best diving spot Komodo

and my best moment while celebrate my 100th days at Komodo

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